Are people who ride snowmobiles for recreational purposes fanatical about it?

Is it something that is so wonderful that you want to do it all of the time? People who I have met who own snowmobiles seem a bit obsessed. I'm not trying to be judgemental because I have never even riden one but I am just trying to understand if everyone who recreationally uses a snowmobile travels to find great trails and does it ALL the time like the few people I have met or if this is just a fluke.


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snowmobiling is the *....yea that my answer.... damn im down in TX...the smell of exhaust..from a car...reminds me of back home.N michigan....grew up watching snomobile races...ahhh the smell of burnt gas! home sweet home!!

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There are fanatical people in all different sports and walks of life. Not all snowmobile riders are fanatical.

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not always, its fun but some are more crazy over it than others

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