Beginner snowboadring question?

i've skiied for 4 years and decided to start snowboarding. so i end up getting a one hour lesson. i ended up renting beginner equipment and did so well i got on a burton cruzer it was a 164 wide board. i linked turns and overall did well. i ended up snowboarding for a total of 6 hours. now i wear a size 15 boot maybe 14 depends on the boot. but the toe of it stuck out a good 2 inches from the board and the bindings were angled out to help a bit, im thinking of buying a board any suggestions. i was able to do greens w/ only a couple falls and some blues (thats beginner and intermediate trails). any suggestions? i dont want something so beginner that i will "outgrow", in terms of skill, the board and then have to buy another one. so looking into a beginner/intermediate all mountain board.


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A good begineer /intermediate all mountain board that comes in a wide size is the Burton Bullet, its basically a Burton Clash but in a wider size. Also the Ride Decade would be a good board for you it comes in both regular and wide sizes so if buying one of these be sure to make sure it is a wide board. You could look at an Option Booter as well its slightly more of a freestyle board than the other two but is still basically an all mountain board. All the boards i have mentioned so far are classed as begineer/ intermediate boards but there is no real danger of you outgrowing them too quickly as all are good for progressing your skills over time. But if you want something just a bit more progressive than these, then a Burton Royale and an Option Makinen wide are worth a look.

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With a foot that big try out the Palmer Power Plates. They will lift you off the board and keep thouse toes out of the snow. Wide board or not with thouse feet any lift will help out a ton.

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find somethig wide enough so there is not that much toe drag, its ok if its off only a little

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get some power plates, I have them on my board and they work absolutly great, but with a size fifteen boot your also going to need a wider board i would suggest sapient or burton they both have some really good wide models, flow i think also has a wide board too. but overall definately power plates or a wide board, and if all else fails get both

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