Am off skiing on Saturday. last year I skied but this year I think I want to try snowboarding...?

but last time I tried that 5 years ago i couldn't get the hang of it and fell a lot, switching to skis by Day 3! thing is I'm a workout junkie and last year a week of skiing didn't make me feel exhausted or sore like the boarding did years previously. Are there tricks to boarding anyone could pass on? which is better? help!


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Both have positives & people will always have a favourite. Best thing to do is learn both then you are free to do what YOU want!
The rule of thumb that i was told when starting to board was that for the first day you will spend 99% of the time on your ***, the second day it will be 95% of the time & at some point on the third day it will suddenly click. this was true for me & anyone i know who has learnt to board (no lessons) so my advice is to give it another go & stick at it for a little longer.

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I could not skii. kept ending up in the splits. Im goofyfoot but snowboarding did it for me.

What should i wear for snowbombing in april both on and off piste, i want to try boarding for first time!?

Snow boarding is harder. When you get the hang of it it you will never go back to skiing. My biggest advice is get a lesson. I got one three years ago after trying on my own without success. After I had the lesson it was one day and I was going down the hill and only falling once in a while. Now I can go on jumps, rails, boxes. it's a blast. Don't give up, especially if you're an athlete. Expect to be sore again.

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Skiing is the best by far. You are obviously not testing yourself enough on the skis or I can guarantee that you would be tired. Try some steeper stuff and give youself a challenge. Enjoy your holiday and hopefully there will be plenty of snow!

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I did a '2 hour try snowboarding' session in Italy last year and at the end of it was able to tackle a red run so i would recommend getting some tuition and then see how you feel about it. I'm definitely going to try it again when i go next season.

You're obviously sporty so you'll crack it soon enough!

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i love skiing and yeah it doesn't make tired after a day anymore, but i'm scared to try snowboarding incase i'll not ever go back to skiing.

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well do both of them then

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