Backwards one footed glides?

Okay so I am learning them, I know my swizzels, forward glide both feet and one foot, forwards cross overs and back wards swizzels and skating. Okay so my question is, is there any way to improve my balance. I am getting it with the left foot up but the right side is proving harder. I have been going into a backwards skate and then trying to lift my left foot off the ice but I just can't quite get the balance right. Also when I go to lift the right foot my skate tends to curve more into a small circle almost as if I were to go into a spin (which I haven't even learned spinning yet) I have a coach but I don't have my lesson until frioday and I want to get to the rink first thing tommorow morning @ 8am to try again.


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You're probably spinning because you're not "checking" your upper body as you move. Try keeping both arms firmly out to the side - just in front of you a bit. Or, if you know back crossovers, put your arms and head in your typical back crossover position. But no matter what, don't let them drift around or move as you glide.

A balance tip - try to maintain good posture. Keep your butt in - think ballerina. Don't stick out your butt. That will also help. Bend at the knee, not at the waist!

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maybe you could go bachwards,bend your knee then rise up
and remember! keep your arms out

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You really have to concentrate. Find a smooth area of ice with not many skaters around, and close your eyes. Imagine you are holding a chair to balance yourself. Push off with a good backywards swizzle, and then move your foot off the ice, while imagining you are holding on to that chair for balance. The longer you keep your foot off the ice next to your skating leg, the better your balance will get and all the more confident you will feel. It is really hard to fall while doing a backyards glide, so you have to wipe that out of your thoughts.
And if you are still not getting it, your coach will gladly help you, or any other coach who you feel you can ask.

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go backwards close your eyes dream your going forwards then lift your foot.

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Well, maybe you should try to bend my knees more than lift your leg a little.

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