Are there special snowboarding pants?

I do not like falling on my butt when snowboarding! I have already bruised my tailbone pretty bad, and I was wondering if there was any special kind of pants you could buy (where, how much)


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you can buy butt protection specific for snowboarding. They're like shorts with alot of padding in the right places that protects hips and tailbone. It's a separate clothing item, so you wear them under neath your snowboard pants. Make sure you get womens specific cos the padding is different.

Just go to a snowboard shop and ask the people there about them, they can help you with what you need

try these for an idea of what they look like

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Yes and they are very exspensive. go to sports authority, they should have them or any other porting goods store

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Yea, You can find these padded pants in most sporting goods stores that carry snowboards. Most snowboarding pants cost around 75 - 200 dollars so these pants probobly cost above 150. Or search online to find out the prices and location.

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Yes, but very expesive I recomend burton

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really it all depends on where you live! wear i live i have a matching set, and you can buy butt sliders for sliding rails on your butt! i recently just bought a pair of those and thos things have me quite a few times! if there is any boyne country sports where your at the try there!

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First off, yes they have special pants.. Second, there not expensive and third they do work rather well. Go to link at the end, they cost around 40 or 50 bucks and are pretty much the same as the pads football players wear but not as thick. There are also gloves with wrist protectors built in, shin pads, back pads, basically anything...heres the link, I have a pair and they help me falling until rails and off jumps while learning new tricks so if you not going to do any of that but just dont want to get hurt you will have no pain...Also the best tip I can give you if you fall, is to sit there for a minute, the pain will decrease and you will feel better. Heres the link:

They're called Pro-Tec IPS Padded Shorts and they fit to regular size so dont order big or small.

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A good quality ski-pant that's waterproof is good.

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well i sure hope your pants are waterproof cause wet butts arent that fun either. as far as padding goes check out they have helmets, padding and whatever other protection you might need.

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