Benefits of figure skating for your body?

I'd like to know some


What is the sport curling?

There are tons!
burn calories
build endurance
better balance
strengthen muscles
increase flexibility
keep in shape
better posture
builds stamina
be more healthy

Going skiing, peak pricing??

you end up looking like michelle qwan

Ice skating tips?

Health benefits of ice skating:
Everyone from toddlers to seniors can enjoy the health benefits of ice skating. Ice skating helps build endurance, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility.

Calories burned during recreational ice skating is about 250-810 per hour, and competitive skating can be up to 450-1,080 per hour.

Does anybody have any tips on creating a skating program??

You are able to burn calories, keep yourself healthy, you become stronger, learn better balance, and posture, you keep in shape, you learn to eat a healthy balanced diet so you have the energy and stamina to keep skating, and many other benefits.

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I lost soo much weight from ice skating, so if your looking for weight lose, this is the key! I also became stronger in the arms, but mostly the legs. I learned how to perform in front of an audience and I gained sooo much confidence! I love figure skating so much.I have benefited so much from it!

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you earn SO MUCH CONFIDENCE!! and you also get in shape and you finally get some muscles oh and you also become flexable

Help! i need help finding a ice skating rink!??

You burn calories and have fun @ the same time also you get so much stronger from it it really helps your endurance

What is the best skate sharpener online?

I figure skate! Finally..A good loverly q! Haha..No theres alot..I just love this one..
You get and your legs get so shaped..You have to be verry strong. l..I love it...But there are some REALLY sucky points for your body too... The pressure to be smaller..The BUTT BRUISES..OUCH MUCH! of my friends was playin' around and hit me in the butt yesterday..I just bruised it..So not nice. Lol..Then there are the unatractive craps that you have to deal with... You get your legs cut by blades..Espeasly with a partner..and you bruise alot! Thanks for this q..Its brings up one of my own!
Hope I could help ya!!

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Skating is a great total body workout because you're dealing with stabilizing your body while at the same time working major muscle groups to power youself through skills.
With time, toning of the buttocks, legs, arms, and core should be visible.

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