Anybody have any ideas how I can get my mom to buy me a new snowboard?? I split my other one.?


Replacement Snowboard Boot Part (VANS coiler BOA closure system)?

Have her buy you one from a ski swap or one of the end of the season sales (should be some going on right about now).
That way she won't have to spend that much money.
Tell her that you will chip in a little.
And just generally kiss her butt for awhile :) she'll cave

Is it good to snowboard in the spring?

Ask all your friends to sign a petition saying you deserve a brand new snowboard. If that doesn't work break down and beg.

What are the times for the winter x games next saturday and sunday?

clean your room ,get straight A's and dont do drugs then just ask her .

Is everybody else having trouble geting onto the ISU main page?

I would remind her of the positives of snowboarding, I've never done it(live in Florida) but, I assume you get a great cardio workout, it may boost your confidence level, or maybe it helps you to make friends.

I have a 96' Polaris XLT and am thinking of putting on triple pipes (exhaust)?

do a little work around the house,like wash the windows or if you have a dog pick it's crap up because that's a annoying job and if that doesn't work go to season sale like what that other guy said or try a second hand store other wise your out of luck>

Who thinks freeskiing is harder than snowboarding?

work you lazy bum. wash cars, mow lawns, do whatever to get enough money to buy a snowboard. thats what i had to do.

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