Anyone like to snowboard?


Ice skates?

snowboarding rocks! i've been snowboarding for 11 years now..omgosh, can't have more fun than riding on fresh powder...ahhh!

Why do people have ski pain after going skiing?

I love snowboard...just hate the snow...ironic huh?

Snowshoe Mountain, West VA.?

i love it. its soo great!

Tips on a two foot spin?

I do, i am in France now, working and snowboarding, i ride a Burton dragon 162, and a Burton Rippey 157.5

Ski Whistler?

I love it, can't live without it though I broke my ribs this season:-( however, that won't stop me!

What clothing do we need to go the snow?

People say skiing is easy to learn but hard to master.
But Snowboarding is hard to learn but easy to learn.

After you go over the learning curve snowboarding becomes so much fun. I've skiied for about 10 years and last year I picked up snowboarding. It was hard to balance at first but once I got the hang of it I didn't want to ski anymore.

You should try snowboarding at Whistler, Canada.

What are some strength/balance training exercises for snowboarding?

I love to snowboard. But Skiing rocks!!! I have been skiing since I was 2 years old, but I just started to snowboard last year. It's awesome. But skiing is soooooooo better!!!!!!! ha ha ha

Burton Clash 160 help...?

Snowboarding is pretty much one of the all time best sports ever invented. I love to get up in the hills with all my buddies and just shred up the mountain. Burton Balance 157 all the way.

Using words WINTER OLYMPICS - What is Is A Mark from an injury. Need a word out of WINTER OLYMPICS?

I luv it, and I luv the snow! It's my absolutely fav sport of all (at least of all I know how to do :D ). I would love to someday take a trip to Colorado, and snowboard there. My fiance and I onced discussed making it part of our honeymoon. ;) soo awesome!!

Skis size 191 right size or not?

I love to snowboard!! Just the thrill of flying through the air so awesome. And when you land it feels like you were in the air just hanging there.

How do u tip the ice burg on clubpenguin?

Snowboarding is pimp i snowboard in whistler every season

Looking for a beater board for the park?

ive only just taken it up really but i love it! got my rome vinyl 155 brillant!

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