Best skiing on the USA eastcoast?

Im getting tired of Jay Peak, Vermont. Any suggestions of ski resorts on the east coast for next season?


My girlfriend is not able to do a complete turn on a snowboard, what tips can I give her?

If you're open to anywhere on the eastcoast and are willing to travel then why not try ski resorts in the west. Just jump on a plane come to Utah and ski Alta. Its 20 minutes from the airport and is the best skiing in the world. After just a few runs you'll quit your job and move out here. There is nothing worth skiing on the eastcoast. You'd be better off tying a rope behing your car and towing yourself around some snowy streets. Hey wait thats actually pretty fun.

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Im getting a snowboard dont no what to get and im told that I should get a wide one when I dont want to?

massanutten VA so cool

Where is the best place to go skiing in the summer where there is other things to do aswell as ski?

The best skiing is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire around Mt. Washington.

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Sugarloaf USA in Maine. ;)

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I like Franconia notch in New Hampshire. But everything is close enough that in a few days, you could try them all. I am sure everyone's recommendations here are goods ones, so give them a try!

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