Any tips for organizing a successful rail jam in a snowboard shop parking lot?

I have quite a few months to prepare. I'm concerned about turnout, legal issues and ideas on what else to incorporate. I have a fairly conservative budget to work with, so I can't get too extravagant (there goes the go go dancers and the rings or fire, right).


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dude, just have a dj and food, also give out shirts to like the first 25 or 50 people, charge an entry fee, usually like 15-20 bucks, post flyers in malls and stuff, if you live in like a snowboarding area, people will show up, yeah have the kids sign liability waivers, if you dont know how to make one up, go to a resort website and click season passes, usually they have a waiver there to view and esign, so id just copy it and change the names

also, put some padding on the sides of the rails if you dont have alot of snow to work with, heres a video

you dont really need a slope, just make a launch ramp out of wood

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i sure hope there'll be snow in the parking lot, cause otherwise your outta luck. that parking lot ougghta have a slope too (otherwise how will the snowboarders get going?). oh, and it being a fairly big parking lot with plenty of room for jibs is also pretty much required. if the parking lot lacks any of these things, stop now. if it meets the above requirements, make sure its ok with the shop, though im guessin you already did, or maybe you even work there. as far as legal goes, (don't wanna get sued) make sure all your competitors sign a liability release form. im not sure how to make an "official" one of these but im sure its not hard to find out, so google it, or if you just happen to know a lawyer, talk to them. as far as turnout goes im guessing you're hoping to make some money or break even. you could charge admission, but that seems kinda lame to me so id charge an entry fee for the competitors, but don't get out of hand. id also go looking for donations and sell food at some kinda stand for cash. you also gotta put up fliers to promote this thing. you could even make an annual thing and give it a sick name like " first annual downtown throwdown jam". get artsy with those fliers and make them jump out at people so they'll remember to go. get people stoked and have fun with it.

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just make sure they sign a waiver. and if they're not 18 make sure their parents have signed it. oh and free sh!t

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