Beginner tips/techniques?

Question:I started riding this last season. I took 3 lessons and proggressed much faster than my group... I learned toe/heel slips, falling leaf, traversing, and connecting turns... With self practice, I can now connect turns with ease and speed, stop suddenly at any time, and pull ollies and ride boxes (ride on boxes, haven't tried ollying onto a fun box)...

What is the next step? What are some techniques/tricks I should progress to next?

I would consider myself intermediate to advanced now as I ride blue circles to black diamonds...

Also, what is carving and how do you do it? Is it like a normal turn but digging your edge deeper and using that more to turn?

Oh yah, here is my setup

Never Summer System board 155cm
Salomon bindings
Ride Boots

I'm 5'8" and weigh 145lbs


Snow Blades? My GF is a rank begginner, and has only skied a couple of times...?

Sounds like your almost up to my level. Here is what I am working on (#1 being my main goal right now):

1) Riding Switch!
2) Ollies / Butters (ollie using small bumps on regular runs, and find small objects to ollie over to practice timing. do tail presses on bunny slopes and as you get better go faster).
3) Going faster, flat boarded (I'm actually pretty good at this already)
4) Doing small jumps
5) Go through moguls on them blue runs! (I think their fun. Don't try the black diamonds yet, I did and they were a *b!t*h!@#!)
6) Carving (carving is different from regular turns, I might be carving but not fully carving. We both are probably mostly doing skidded turns at our level. Carving is more smooth and your more on your edge. You leave a thin straight line behind you. It's supposed to sound quieter too. I don't think I am doing this, and I probably need a instructor. But it takes practice and confidence, as you might wipeout if u try to link turns while carving)

ps. I doubt he's still doing the falling leaf. I think he was just stating that as one of the steps as he was first learning. also as someone else already said, if you haven't bought a helmet yet, do so now!

How much does?

1. Stretch daily
2. Buy a helmet
3. Quit all runs that are not black
4. Speed up
Carving is turning.

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carving is turning,and don't do the falling leaf or people might think your a beginer

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Carving is not simply turning. A carve is a specific type of turn - it's a turn where the nose and tail of your board follow the same path in the snow.

Consider the most common type of turn - a skidded turn. In that case, the nose and tail of your board follow a different path. Skidded turns are probably the type of turn you do the most - they're very obvious as you can hear them. That scratchy sound during your turn as the tail skids should be very familiar to you. A skidded turn leaves a wide trail in the snow.

In a carve, your edge angle is much higher and the design of your board (primarily the sidecut) is the main turning power. A carve leaves a very thin line in the snow and should be much quieter - almost silent - compared to a regular skidded turn.

[Added later]
Austin R wrote: "Carving is really only a generic term used to describe going back and forth from toe edge to heal edge. Their is no specific description, and what you have described doing is considered carving."

This is absolutely wrong. While you may use the word 'carving' as a synonym for turning, that is a misuse of the term. There *absolutely * is a specific description as detailed in these excerpts from the AASI Snowboard Movement Analysis Handbook:

"Skidded turns create a wider track than those left by a carved turn, either because the tail of the board takes a wider path than the nose or more of the board's base is in contact with the snow throughout the turn. The combination of increased rotation and reduced edging allows the rider to actively steer the nose and tail through different paths"

"Carved turns...are easy to recognise because of the distinctive, narrow track left in the snow-a track followed by the tail following the same line as the tip of the board"

A carved turn is a turn but not all turns are carved.

Which would win?

Carving is really only a generic term used to describe going back and forth from toe edge to heal edge. Their is no specific description, and what you have described doing is considered carving.

At this point you can work on several new things.

- Work on carving down the mountain with smaller turns. Try going a little faster while doing this, but remember it is important to stay in control. One trick is to use your ankle strap the same way you would your high back and lean your legs and body into it to stay on your toe edge as opposed to just moving your foot.

- Do some "getting low" exercises. One good one goes like this. When carving down the mountain, bend your knees and stay as low as possible while still carving. Now when you are on your heel edge, grab the toe side of your board with the hand that feels most comfortable. Then when you are on your toe edge, grab your heel edge with the hand that feels most comfortable. Don't go to fast while doing this. This will help you later on. Staying low is important for everything, and crucial for jumps, rails, and the pipe.

- Go hit some jumps! Start small and work your way up. Stay low with your knees bent and keep your board as flat as possible. Keep your forward arm out with your shoulders parallel to where you want to go. Look at your landing and stomp it.

- Practice ollies. Do this while going down the mountain, while not moving, and going off jumps. You can find step by step instructions here:

- Practice. If you don't get it the first time, do it again, and again, and again. Just keep going at it. Don't be intimidated by other riders, they were all where you are at some point.

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just keep going. it sounds like you have everything down already so I don't see what you need help with. oh yeah, never do the falling leaf again. it's great for when you're learning, but some ppl never get past that and they always get in my way. lol! what what resort do you hit most often? I like Mountain High best. maybe we'll see ya up there someday.

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