Any snowboarders or skiiers? LET's Talk SNOWWW?

Question:what are the coolest tricks you've done, have you ever crashed huge or anything?
Once i hit a jump on super sketchy snow (it was rough and i was off balanced) and i was going pretty fast, and the jump had a sick lip on it that flipped my board up and i landed right on my head. it hurt BAd and my back was spasing for like a month..
the best tricks i've done are like simple grabs and 180's, i'm not the good really. i can do some slides


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i'm a snowboarder and yesterday i did a 540 for the 1st time when i was 10. it was soooo cool. but now i can do a 720 and almost a mctwist without killing myself.

Where is a good place to buy snowboarding clothing?

I tried snowboarding just last week, and I fell on my *** too many times to count.LOL!

Can anyone tell me...?

never tryed lol

should i or will i kil my self

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  • Snowboarders or skiers?!?

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