Best boots for Flow bindings?

I've just got a new set of Flow bindings and I'm finding that my old boots are starting to make my feet hurt. A friend said that my old boots might be too stiff and a softer pair might be best. Do any of you guys have an opinion on this, or even better suggest a pair of boots for me to try?


Have you ever been sandboarding?

I have flow bindings and I use Burton Moto boots. They work well and are soft. There are probably much better boots to use if you have a higher price range, but Motos work fine.

Where can i get rossignol scratch ski bindings in north vancouver?

Salomon f22 are a real nice soft boot they make you go down 1 size on the binding chart and plus they are 1 of the overall best boot's I've ridden. every one at my ski shop has a pair. oh and the Salomon fdb boot are real good and soft but they are more freestyle feel
Hope that helps

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