Best stance for skiing?

Question:Does anyone have thoughts about how far apart should you keep your skis? Some years ago, an intructor at Killington said that, although some people think it looks really hot to ski with feet close together, serious skiers should try to keep the skis at shoulder width. A few years later, an instrutor at Chamonix badgered me because of this stance.
Viewing these games, I've noticed that all downhill skiers keep their skis apart, as do most slalom skiers. But on a mogul competition (which is evaluated on time AND points given by judges) they all ski with feet together. Why? I've never skied moguls, but it seems that mogul skiers alway keep there feet together. Is it just to look sharp?


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I dunno, but I guess you kind of keep both your feet doing the same thing in moguls i.e. very parallel. I don't ski them either, must be bad for your knees!

I generally ski at shoulders width elsewhere which I was reminded was a good thing last year. I guess it's down to skill/level?

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I find the best position is flat on my face. I always end up that way anyways...

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