1. Snowboarding was developed in the 60s and 70s and was inspired by which of the following sports?

Question:A-Surfing and skateboarding.

B-Hopscotch and sumo wrestling.

C-Stunt riding and abseiling.


Overlooked sport?

definately A.

What magazine was Shaun White's phone number in?


Can I have my 10 points!

Curling ? WTF?


Does any company make light weight downhill ski boots (desirable weight is under 2 lb each boot)?


How much is a fair price to have head gaskets on a 1996 XLT polaris replaced?

i am gonna guess A-Surfing and skateboarding

When will tahoe ski resorts open?


What are the best all around skis for an intermediate to very good skier?

A .i spose

but wasn't Snowboarding inspired by SNURFING , a sport in its own

google it if you want

What board size?

A, duh.

Transporting a Snowboard?

i believe it is b.. lol just playing.. a of course

Any recommendations on ski boots for a junior racer?

Definitely, C. Japanese bark beetles don't wrestle sumo when hopscotch is in season.

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