10 p0ints...REGARDING THE CHELSEA-BARCELONA GAME..?cheers!??read on...??

Question:1.who were chelsea wearing the black armbands 4??what was d occasion??
2.who's just sick of mourinho...??n if you're not,why not??
3.drogba...your take on him??
4.WHAT HAPPENED TO MESSI??what injury-how did he get it??


What is the difference beteeen downhill and outside ski?

1. Death of Peter Osgood (legendary Chelsea player) last week
2. No, he is a great manager. Football needs more characters like him. Oh, and he is very good at his job too.
3. Good player, couldnt get into the game due to good barca defenders
4. Hamstring injury. No collision involved. Just pulled up with it.

I'm thinking about buying the Flow bindings for my snowboard, but i don't know anything about them?

Ok mourinho is the most arrogant guy ever i dont like him at all.drogba is one of the most overrated players on the planet. dont know about armbands though

Is the outer layer of skiwear bulky or is just a lightweight coat.?

1 .peter osgood died
2 . very sick of him but im not a chelsea fan and he is a good manager (champions league winner prem winner)
3. not as good as crespo but not bad player
4. hamstring happens to loads of footballers

Were is the best ski resort in france?


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