Are there any olympic sports where women do better than men?

Just wondering!


Is h.i.t (high intensity training) only meant to be once a week?

Figure skating, diving, gymnastics - all subjective sports. However, in objective sports women so far have not outperformed men and all absolute world and olympic records belong to men.
A year or two ago I read an article in "Science" about the narrowing performance gap between men and women. The pace of narrowing was esp. fast in the '80s and many prognoses predicted that women will eventualy be able to compete with men. However, the gap does not shrink anymore nowadays. Of course, steroid-loaded females might be able to compete with males. But as one famous female athlete said (sorry, don't remember who) - "If women are really women, they will not outperform men physically".

PS - to offended females: all this talk is about averages. Of course certain women can outperform certain men!

What is the curling?

hello figure skating

What is the best ski resort in NY?

I have to said figure skating too.

I recently learned to snowboard,had to use a rented board. i would like to buy a burton,but which one?

Figure skating, diving, and gymnastics.

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