Anyone else participate on the USFSA discussion board?

Question:I was just wondering if anyone here participated on the USFSA discussion board, which is currently down until approximately March 1. I love the new banner up with the new National Champions!!
I sure hope the board comes new and improved for us long-standing members!!


Is there a difference between bear mountain and snow summit?

I do my username on there is love2figureskate also. I'm so sad that the board is down but I do hope it is better, it was getting soooo slow before. The new banner is way cool, all those pictures are amazing and it seems like they're are a lot bigger than the pictures from last year's Nationals.

Boys do you think soccer players are sexy?

nope im not. but how do u join? the banner is 100% awesome.

Cheap pair of Ski Pants!?

I think I may have been registered there, but I almost never went there. I go to instead. Have you been there?

Where can I learn how to snowboard?

I am a member of the USFSA

What is a good balanced diet for a figure skater?

Yes, I am a member!

Can you tell me the players for the 2002 Winter Olmpyics for the U.S curling team?

i do! I don't like the new banner at all! Last year's was better.

I can't wait for the board to get back up and running.

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