Are yall gymnasts if you r what is your favorite thing to do in gymnastics?


Who is your favorite snowboarder?

My favorite thing to do in gymnastics is a layout full on the floor because it invovlves both twisting and flipping - and because it took me awhile to progress from the half twist to the full twist. But now I can double twists on tumble track, both forward and backward. So I feel like learning the full twist was hard, but I mastered twisting after that. Now it's all a question of building up enough power to attain the height necessary to do double fulls on the floor.

Can anybody help me... I need to find 91 words for snow, its a snowboarding video in the UK, any ideas?

watch the females stretching in the warm up

Where is the world championship snowmobile derby held..anybody been there?

floor exercise i find it to be one of the safest events but i also like beam and vault.

Who here has ever been skiing in Vail, Colorado?

yup yup. i L O V E it! my favorite thing to do is tumbling and vault... it's kinda the same thing..

How do you land a 360? I never get enough spin. Tips??

beam cause it is challenging and fun

What type of snowboard bindings offer more control on turns, freeride or freestyle?

mi favorite thing is just being with mi team (i also love to tumble)

Are Bindings made of Aluminum worse than Plastic ones?

My favorite thing was the uneven bars!

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