Any Cassie Johnson's fans out there?

I never paid much attention to curling until I saw this pretty lady in Winter Olympics.


Why do snow skiing boots give my shins long cuts, bruises, and blisters & what can I do to correct?

Ditto. She is freaking super hot! I was impressed. Watching at 5AM, looking at the beautiful curler. Best looking curler, imo, next to maybe Jennifer Jones.

How do I get a job in ski patrol?

I agree! She's hot. Too bad she's getting married this summer, still a guy's gotta dream. Her sister Jamie's not bad either. (Twins ya know.)

When does 7 Springs Ski Resort Stop Making Fake Snow?

Well, not exactly twins. One is one year older than the other. All five of tyhem are pretty. I really like "cute" in a girl, and the alternate really fits that bill for me.

How can I make a living snowboarding?

She's hot, but she is not a very good curler.

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