Anyone know shaun white personally?!!?

because i wish that I did. He's so Awesome!!


What countries have winter skiing?

This past winter I was at the U.S. Open for Snowboarding Championship at Stratton Mountain in Vermont and he ended up being there sponsering Burton. I got to slapp high-five with him after his victory run down the gigantic that was pretty awesome.I then got his autograph on a picture of him later that day which was even cooler.I also met other stars like Kelly Clark, Danny Kass, Gretchen Blieler and a few others..The whole experience was amazing...but thats as close as I have gotten to Shaun White...

Do i need to?

Who? never heard of him. he can't be that big.

Snowboard Wax Substitute?

Guy above me, are you kidding me you've never heard of Shaun White? anyway...Nope I don't know the guy. I wish I could at least meet him.

Burton Snowboards are the best!

I need to find some local snowboarding parks in the Missori Area.?

Oh my God! Shaun White is SO awsome! I wish I was his girlfriend! That boy can board, and he is SO hot! But no. I don't know him personally.

Has there ever been a muslim figure skater? Is there any hope there will be 1 soon?

Not me. Sorry.

Which country you think is going to win the 2006 Winter olympics?

I do not know him personally, but I know someone who does... (that's gotta count for something right ;-]) I live in a ski town in Maine, the one that Seth Wescott lives in, and I have seen him around, met him a few times, etc. and I am pretty sure that he would know him, because they were on the Snowboard team together. Also in my town there is a Ski/ Snowboard academy where there is at least 2 kids who know who him.

Recommendations on ski resorts...please.?


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