Anyone know anything about Yoga? I'm trying to learn...?

I'd like to learn Yoga. I need some type of excercise for the winter months, now that volleyball season has ended. I've never done Yoga before. What exactly does Yoga do? I'm not quite sure what it is, to be honest! All I know is that it involves stretching!


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It depends on the type of yoga you're doing. Not all yoga is stretching. If you're looking for more vigorous yoga - try Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Iyengar and Bikram. But from the sounds of it, you're looking for something more vigorous.
Yoga literally means the connection of the mind, body and soul. It isn't really an exercise. It is the flowing of one pose to the other. In the flowing of the poses, we breath and the breath is that which ties each pose to the next - sort of like a dance but done very slowly, with the mind concentrating on both breath and pose. In some cases - depending on the instructor - the yoga session can help you burn LOADS of calories and you'll find yourself sweating profusely. Yoga helps build very strong lean mucles and helps bring the person into balance - both mentally and physically.
The best part of yoga is meditation. It is the last part of the class once the work and stretching session are over and done with. In this part of the class, we're ready to let go of the mind and the body and we can start to meditate - rest... there is no more work.
Have fun with your yoga practise! If you have any more questions, e-mail me.

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ACE Yoga Study
Does Yoga Really Do the Body Good?
By Mark Anders

"This exclusive ACE sponsored study evaluates the modern day body benefits of the 5,000-year-old practice of Hatha yoga.

Yoga may be all the rage at your local gym, but the truth is—it's old news. Experts can trace the origins of yoga all the way back to 2250 B.C. as the Harrapan civilization in Northern India began to develop postures and breath-control techniques that they hoped would enable them to enter an altered consciousness and access the spirit realm.

Today, exercise enthusiasts are flocking to yoga studios and fitness centers in the hopes of reaping more tangible body benefits like improved muscle tone and strength, better balance and, of course, pretzel-like flexibility. Mind-body exercise" has been the fitness buzzword du jour for at least five years now and, according to recent stats from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 11 million Americans currently practice yoga.

Yet despite yoga's long history and the enormous number of faithful participants, very little real research has been conducted regarding its physical benefits. That's where the American Council on Exercise comes in. We know anecdotally, and from firsthand experience, that yoga is a valuable fitness activity, but we decided to tap the research experts at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, to find out just how effective it really is. "

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