Am I too old to take up snow-boarding?

I am 33, and have never skied or snow-boarded before, and in all honesty am not very sporty. However it looks like fun - should I give it a go? If so, what's the best way to start?


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YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! Go for it and I hope that you have fun. You may want to find some discreet places to fine tune your skills though. Have a lot of fun, and don't let this just be an idea.

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your never to old to try something new! go for it! take a holiday that specialises in learning to ski/snowboard go to

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You should definitelty give it a go!

It is a great form of exercise and rather than making you feel old will probably be an an excellent way of feeling like a teenager again. (without all the awkward bits).

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always give mountain sports a go, 33 isn't too old. my mates dad took up skiing last year he's got to be 55 at least and he is obeise fatty fat fat big.

you'll have a ball

Once again.?

Never too old for anything.

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Your only as old you want to be. If you think you are too old then don't. But if you want to give it a go - then give it a go. Your the only one holding yourself back.

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hahaha you're just a kid! I am 56 and going snowboarding for the first time this year. You are only as old as you think you are.

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look ur nevr to old to snowbord like ur never to old to walk u just sing up and start riding those slopes

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I had my first go at snowboarding last year at the age of 35 and it was great.

What do they say? - A little bit of what you fancy ....etc.etc. GO FOR IT!

Good luck.

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you are never to old to enjoy yourself, is there any dry ski slopes near you? they usually do lessons, look on for them in your area or if you can afford go on a snowboarding holiday you never know you might be a natural!

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No you are definitely not too old. Make sure that you always do you stretches and warm ups right before you start boarding and then you will have a lot less chance of pulling a muscle or injuring yourself.

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I would consider myself an advanced skier. However, when I tried snowboarding(I have tried it a few times), I just embarrassed myself. If you want to try it, I would say go for it, but maybe take one of those short lessons. Otherwise, you will see all these kids flying by you as you are laying on the ground.

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My Dad at the age of 50 got fed up with being beaten at squash by my brother, so he took up wind surfing, then around the age of 60 he bought his first computer. Age for some people is a state of mind.

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i am very into snowboarding and i honestly think that you should give it a go. It will be harder to learn since you are older but being not to athletic shouldnt be a problem. I suggest that you go to Breckenridge...that is where I learned...take maybe 3 or 4 days of school and youll be good to go.

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NO! You can absolutely start snowboarding now! I know people who started with ten or twenty years on you and will never go back to skiing. Go take clinics, but protect your backside, almost everyone hurts their tailbone the first time out, but the learning curve is like an exponential graph, it starts out almost flat, but then all of a sudden, it skyrockets!!
At Sugarloaf, I was zero to riding blue trails with confidence after two weekends, and there are some instructors that are just incredible with getting you off and running, just ask around!

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coarse not!! your never too old to start snowboarding (except if your like 90 or something). there is a certain age where you cant start then and get very good. i think you could still get good though, the age where you cant get really good anymore is more like 40or 50

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No you are only as old as you feel, start out with lessons or just wing it and go all out

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Never too old. Plenty of "grays on trays" out there. Take a lesson.

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You are NEVER too old to learn. Don't forget that. I say, if you're interested in it, go for it! If you live in a place where you can ski (aka, somewhere where it snows...), go to the closest ski/snowboard resort, and get a rental snowboard (or skis) and take a lesson. I have taken a couple ski lessons and I've been skiing for 4 years. I've also taken 1 snowboarding lesson, which didn't go quite so well, it's harder to learn. But I plan on trying again this year. Just be prepared for black and blue to be very common colors after your Keep trying. You'll get it! Of course, if snowboarding doesn't work for you, try skiing!!

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To be honest anyone can ski or snowboard, the skill is remaining in control. I am 24 and only learnt to Ski when I was 21. My parents who are fifty plus both learnt to ski and are going to learn to snowboard this year.

Honest answer, go for it. When you crack it and start sliding down the slope weaving in and out etc it is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. Plus the social afterwards is second to none.

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go for it. my dad is in his 40s and he just started snowboaring. He can already keep up with me in the diamonds! You'll be glad you tried, besides the cold, its really fun no matter what you do, park, moguls, long winding trails. The view on top of mountains are breathtaking too. start renting gear from a local moutain and ask about lessons. Its good to talk to other skiers/snowboarders b4 you head out to the slopes too just so you can know what too might be hard in the beginning but it is deffinally worth it

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