A deal or what?

I got a Woman's Burton/feather snowboard that is normaly 350.00 for 199.00 and i got RIDE bindigns and DC boots for a discount price and the grand total was 400.00. It was an amzazing deal. I got it at any mountain. I really, really like it! It's a really cool looking board. Now i just can't wait to use it!!!


Figure skaters Only?

Good work on the smokin' deal for equipment.
(Advice...the board is only "really cool looking" if you can ride it with the style that only you possess)

What kind of snowboard should i get?

hot chicks always get the hook up.

Switching to racing skis?

good for you

How do I keep snow from sticking on the bottom of my Nordica ski boots?

yes it was an awesome deal!

What are some classical pieces of music that make good figure skating program music?

that's a deal alright . so go find some snow and use it.

Any boarders out there missing the snow?

okay that wasnt a question but whatever. i did better. try buying the stuff in august. i got a burton blunt ($350) for a little over $150 and burton freestyle bindings ($100) for a little over $50

grand total: about $200 (less than the board alone normally would cost)

Heavenly Ski Resort in Nevada, I need address or zip code?

wow thats a great deal

How do i help my friend be strong?


Season of Skiing/snowboading?

You both got awesome deals... now get out on the snow and enjoy your new gear!

I'll be hitting the slopes in Austria during Thanksgiving :)

Does anyone know anything on ski runs?

Well im hiting the slopes in indiana.c ya around :D

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