Anyone hjave any ice skating advice?

Does anyone have any ice skating advice? Stretching techniques, drinks lie gatorade. Why is it called gatorade? Anyway, any tips?


Does anybody else think that lee sharpe was good at ice skating i ?

drink water, lots and lots of water, how you stretch-- go over to edge of hockey boxes that dont have glass, put one leg straight on the edge and one on the ice. toes your blades for awhile then bend down one touch your toes of the foot on the ice. repeat with other side. its called gatorade cuz ppl at the u of florida (the gators) developed it. when doing a one-foot spin touch foot to knee. learing to stop hockey-style (on the side) is mandatory for good stoping. back-stratch-spins are sometimes easier to do, so ask your coach

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Well have you roller bladed? if so it's just like that except you are on a little bit thiner blade, and the ice plays a different role then a wheel going over a hard floor. YOu are going t fall (if you don't know already) and it will be hard and it will be cold, so where some thick clothing or guards for your knees and stuff. Technique is pretty much the same as roller blading, and GAtorade is called Gatorade because the drink was made for the Florido Gators, when the water they drank was not giving them enough Hydration, someone (forgot who) invented it for them.

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