Are you a Winter Sports Fanatic?


Figure skating camps?

No. I am a Summer sports Frantic!

In curling, other than skipper what are the other jobs for teammates?

Yes but strictly from an armchair, I like my limbs attached.

How to send fan mail to shaun white?

The winter olympics are the only sports I watch on TV.

What are the best places to snow-board for a beginner?

Yep :D

What is the cheapest way to send a snowboard from japan to europe?

yes i am. during the winter i snowboard whenever i can and somethimes i decide snowboardings more important than school. then i go home and watch snoboarding on tv

Do you need to have 4wd to drive up to Solitude Ski Resort in Utah?

YESSSS well no i like hockey and skiiing

What kind of snowboard is good for beginners?

Yeah, snowboarding!

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