How do I get the smell out of my Ski Boots?

I have a pair of ski boots, they smell pretty bad, not of damp or moisture, but more musty, like they've been sitting in a cupboard with no air for 50 years. I'm talking about the inner sock of the boot. How can I get rid of the smell?


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put out just let it out in the outdoor. it'll get rid of any musty smell naturally. also get those fragrance or anti bacteria balls you put in your shoes from shoes shops.

Getting mud and grime off of my white snowboarding jacket?

take the inner sock out and wash them

What is the best way to learn skiing?

Pour some white vinegar inside and air in under the sun. Should do the work.

Thx to the ppl who answered my last q, i got another one?

FeBreze is good. Any store has FeBreze. Knock the smell out of anything.

Search for ski gloves?

Get those fragerant balls it will do the trick.

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dissinfectent ferbreze

Do you know who Janica Kostelic is???

Stick a dryer sheet in each boot for a while, that should at least help mask the smell.

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