Alpine slolom ski racers...?

Question:hey all you alipne ski racers. we know we're the best! but can you name three reasons why you love downhill ski racing. use adjectives! tell me why you think it's the best (while also comparing it to cross country, nordic)

any info or input is helpful


Who was the first to ski?

i love the thrill of doing something totally dangerous:) the feeling when you finish on top is undiscribable. and i love seeing the progress from year to year. in cross country skiing its more like taking a walk on skis.. not really on edge or in my opinion fun. and nordic skiing is the same, i like dangerous things that get the adrenaline running:)

CUSSA ski question!?!?

The reason that I love alpine racing is because it really has the true thrill of going fast. And being up on the podium at the end of the season. thats another great story.

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