Are these good skates?

Question:They are the Jackson Mystique's.
Please answer!


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The Mystiques are one step up from the Glaciers that you just bought. The soles are still PVC (plastic) and the blade's about the same. They'll be fine.

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from some of ur questions, definitely definitely definitely NOT NOT NOT good for ur level. I REPEAT THEY R NOT GOOD FOR UR LEVEL!!! jeez i hope u know that 'great beginner skates' doesnt mean pre-alpha/basic 1, it means beginning freestyle.

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I've never used them, but the skate shop at my local rink recommends them (among others) as good beginning skates. if you're still not sure, maybe you should ask your coach or the people at your local skate shop if these are the right skates for you.
(note: 'beginner skates' means exactly that-- skates for beginning skaters. 'beginner freestyle' skates are the next level up in quality (and they're more expensive!)
hope this helps you and good luck!

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they seem pretty good. and i've heard that jackson skates and stuff are pretty good anyhow

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Those are good skates probably better more for recreation but if your really serious then try Riedell Royals (which is the beginning skate in the Riedell collection) or another skate from Riedell, Harlick, Gam, etc. these ones are more expensive but they're specially made for doing jumps and spins in figure skating so they'll have more support and innovations on it that are better for figure skaters. So check at your local skate shop.
If you can't have Riedell, Harlick etc. or think you don't need them yet then the Jackson will be fine . I had Jackson when I was in learn to skate and when I started figure skating for a little while too.

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