"what you waiting for?" by Gwen Stefani?

Question:is this good for skating - if not, plz give me some songs that are good! thx a bunch!

also, has anyone ever heard of Aly and AJ? is their music good to skate to? like Rush and CHemicals React, and No One and stuff like that

rly appreciate it!


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Personally I love this song. However I don't think the lyric "take a chance you stupid ho" is appropriate for skating. If you can find a censored version that would be great.

If you really want to skate to something by Gwen Stefani you might want to consider:
a) Don't Get it Twisted
b) Wind it Up
c) The Sweet Escape

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i think it is the perfect song, although that is not thought by many coaches.
i have been trying to do a simple 'for-fun' show program to this song for over a year, but i keep getting rejected by coaches.
do u believe in magic by aly & aj is a pretty good song to skate to

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It would be a good song if you were doing an artistic program. It would not work for any other freestyle program because of the lyrics. Aly and Aj's songs like Walking on Sunshine, and Do you Believe in Magic would also be good for an artistic program, but not a freestyle program. I would try music more similar to music in these videos for a freestyle program. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy6pmnkvj... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61ni65vao... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmc122lyo...

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It's an okay song but just make sure you get a censored version. I got slightly nailed by my coach cause I didn't get the censored version. Just make sure you like what song you're skating to.
I've heard of Aly & AJ but never actually heard one of their songs.

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I think its a great song but there is some bad parts in it so maybe its not the best. Aly and AJ would be better I've heard some of their songs and there really good, "No One" was used in Ice Princess so that could be a good choice.
Though if your choosing this for a show or Interpretive music usually songs from Musicals or oldie music is a better decision though newish music can be used with good results depending what it is, rap and stuff sometimes don't get a good response. The music from the musical Hairspray and Wicked is really good especially since Hairspray the musical is coming out into theaters this summer! Listen to it on youtube or Limewire.

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Honestly, they are good upbeat songs but too hip hop type dance songs. If you like fast , fierce , powerful , elegant, upbeat, and every other like unique but good song for skating , you might want to go to www.youtube.com and type in
1. Pipe dreams
^ i highly reccomend that .
also, type in animusic and listen to all of them. they are PERFECT. promise.

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If you are doing a lyrical number, I hope you are doing and artistic/exhibition show.

"What You Waiting for?" is a really fun song, but to as a program?

Aly and AJ music is very fun, and I actually Like it better then gwen Stefani's "What Cha Waiting For". Their music would be a lot easier to choreograph to, too. I also hear people using Aly & Aj, but never Gwen because of the difficulty to choreogrqaph to and lack of variety in the lyrics and rhythm. I recommend I'm Walking on Sunshine by Aly And AJ. Rush and Chemicals React is pretty good too. Once again, it depends on what level you are.

If you want a good son by Gwen Stefani, Wind It Up is much better and it has distinct lyrics and moves that are easy to choreograph with.

Ice skating programs look best, however, when they are slow, elegant, and sophisicated songs.

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not for a competion

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I think all of those songs are good songs, but not so good for figure skating. I think that they would be fine if you are doing a show or exhibition, but not so good in a competition. In most competitions they require that your song not have words. You would have to ask your coach to be sure what songs you can skate to.

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yea thats a good one. and same with most of gwen stefani's songs. aly and aj songs, for me i wouldn't skate to them. its just a bit too "cheery poppy" but for exhibition i guess its ok

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