A question for snowboarders?

Have any of you ever lost a toenail (namely, the big toe) due to excessive snowboarding? This happened to me for the first time this last Spring and I was wondering if that is something "normal" for frequent boarders. If not, then I'll check into new boots this Winter.


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No, never! Get some new boots, ASAP!

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No never - sounds like you are correct - get youself some new boots

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More than likely your boots are too big and your foot is continuously sliding forward and you're slamming your toes into the front of the boot. This is a common problem with snowboarders as well as skiers. Boots are supposed to fit snug so you don't have these problems and so you get maximum control.

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Yes, from a rough day of snowboarding. I didn't have my boot on tight enough and entire base cracked on my left foot, big toe. I would definitley look into some boots that have a snug fit.

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I never have...and probably never will...I think you should get maybe if like ur size is probably lets say 10 then get 11...if feels more comfortable...

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that last guy was full of * get you're boot as tight as possible preferably your regular shoe size. it may be a little snug but your toenail problem is due to a boot that is too loose, so your toe keeps sliding into the toe shell of your boot. Also, a properly fitted boot allows for much more control over your board.

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Nope. I don't think thats normal. Pro shredders shred all the time and I don't hear of them losing their toe nails. I would say it's probably the boots. Get some new ones! Check out this web-site...they have a great selection and sick prices! http://www.the-house.com Good Luck!

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no but i theyve hurt real bad whaen i get out of my boots

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