Any one know where to buy a cute snowboard for a beginner?

I wanna learn how to And where i can find a hot guy to teach me?


How should I plan a ski trip to Vail, CO?

You should never buy a board based on graphics alone. However much you like the graphics it wont help you if the board is the wrong size or wrong level for you. I admit graphics are important to an extent ive never actually bought a board with graphics i didn't like, but theres no point buying a board that looks good that you cant ride. Some begineer level boards that would suit you are K2 Skyla, Sapient Fluid, Burton Feather, Solomon Maiden. You should be able to buy begineer level boards such as these at most snowboard shops and online snowboard shop sites.

I'm going sking for the FIRST time tomorrow.. any tips??

Rent for your first season, then buy after you know what size board you like and what kind of bindings you are happy with. As for finding someone to teach you, try the ski/snowboard school at any resort. Or you can get some snowboarder to teach you, in which case you'll probably learn to ride with the sloppy, arms flailing technique that non-instructors teach.

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try renting lol then find an instructor

Who else can't wait for winter so you can go snowboarding?

Go to ... that'swhere I purchase my gear... as far as a hot guy teaching ya, I don't know ! Good luck with that!

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You are the kind of chick most hardcore chicks who ride laugh at- the kind that wear tons of makeup at the bottom of the slopes and do nothing but stand around all day in their Roxy gear.

Two things concern me:
1. You're looking for a "cute" snowboard. You should be looking at a board that is suited specifically for you in terms of functionality, not something that looks "cute".
2. You're looking for a hot guy to teach you. It's called TAKE A LESSON.

Most of the hot guys at the slopes want a girl who can keep up with them- a girl who can RIDE, not someone who cares more about how they look on the slopes.

Please, do us (the REAL boarders) a favor and stay in the lodge with your hot cocoa.

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