Am I the only one who likes it when the lady curlers yell "Hurry, Hard ... Whoa!"?

I can't wait for the next winter Olympics!


How tight should i tie my ice skates?

you don't have to wait for the olympics, to see curling again, I guess maybe you do if your in the USA but there must be a station that has the curling worlds on in April.

Ski Pants for Shorter Legs?

Lady curlers
there cool ~ at least there out there having fun ~and They all want it harder ~ But where did they ever come up with this game of Heavy bowlers on ICE ? Its funny to see them sweep the ice to make it go faster

Does anyone know where you can buy a Columbia 300 Blue Pirahna/C NIB?

it's even better when the phones ring behind them

I want a snowboard. Whats the cheapest place I can get a snowboard on tnet Internet?

As an American who only gets to see curling once in a while, I love it! But, to be perfectly honest, I don't know why it is an Olympic sport. Horseshoes or bocce could both be Olympic sports if curling is. That said, I would love to join a curling club and learn how to do it.

Isn't the Canadian Destroyer the greatest move since the People's Elbow?


Best snowboard graphics?

There's the Worlds, etc. every year but I guess it's tough to find curling TV coverage outside of Canada. Maybe there are webcasts?

Where is a good place to buy oce skates for figure skating?


What's a good brand name of ice hockey skates that's reasonably priced for an adult ?

all i want to know is, why do they play with tea-kettles and brooms

What is telemark skiing?

My mother used to skip in ladies house league. When she called my sister and I home for dinner she would sound like a curler. " Rob ert La tea ah din ner. Come on come on. come on."

Some professional advice please: I really want to do figure skating (including competing), but I'm already 17

Sure horseshoes or bocce could be Olympic sports ... if horseshoes or bocce balls weighed 44 pounds!

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