Anyone any idea where i can buy ice skates for my son for his birthday (glasgow area)?


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either go online to riedell skates (, or s p teri ( I have been figure skating for 16 years and these are the best quality and comfortable skates. You can buy a "beginner" pair that comes as a set with the boot and the blade. You could try buying them on ebay barely used. Skates arent really something that you want to already be "worn in". Trust me... please I am now an instructor and have seen much success in these skates even in just beginners and kids skating for recreation. These are a specialty item and you may want to consider having your son professionally fitted at a rink pro shop. Just assuming he is one size smaller than his street shoes may not be true with all figure skate brands. But buy online (you will be overcharged in a shop/store). you can search for wholesalers too. hope this helps!

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try a sports shop they should sell them

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So anyone have any competitions coming up?

ebay m8

Any ideas?

Have you tried a local ice rinks pro shop? Usually they can be the most helpful. Remember if you are buying figure skates, buy one size lower than your sons shoe size.

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