..!?Do you like snow?!..?

Im just wonderin


Evan Lysacek or Johnny Weir?

OMG, I love the snow!! It snowed 6 inches the other day, and I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! The best part of snow is skiing, who else likes to ski?! My local resort opens the 24th, I can't wait!

Im about 5'2, 102 pounds (female), what size snowboard should i be using?

No, please make it go away!

What's the difference between a men's snowboard and a women's?

Snow Rox |,,|_ ^_^ _|,,|

Do glasses fit under snow ski goggles? Which are best.?

Oh yes :)

I love the snow, it is soft, peaceful, calming - makes everywhere look nicer, prettier.

Works as a good sounds muffler too.

And, despite being 41, I think it still fund to lob the odd snowball at a friend :)

Just wish we had as much snow now as we did when i was little. Used to have several GOOD falls of snow most winters, last 12 winters have had very modest snowfall perhaps once or twice a year.

Ski edge sharpening on the fly?

I love snow! That might be because I have only seen it once unlike the people who live in other places who get white Christmases.

I love making snowmen and throwing snowballs. It's great fun :D

OK SKiing in FERNIE or LAke Loise?

Hi dorkable! Yes, I love snow.where I live we only get a little and every now and then we'll get a good snow. Last year was like spring all year unusually warm..hoping for a good snow this winter hopefully...I think it's beautiful falling.

What kind of skis should I buy (<$350) as a near-advanced skier who loves powder, but skis in all conditions?

I simply ADORE it!

Where is the best off piste snowboarding in the world?


What do you know about M4 snowboards?

the snortable kind or the skiable kind?

Anyone know a good site that sells stickers of snowboard companies such as Burton and Grenade that is not Ebay


How do you do a camel spin?

I live in S. Louisiana and everyone here wishes it would snow. It never does. But I lived in Oklahoma when I was a kid. I loved the first snowfall and had a blast playing in it. After that it wasn't fun anymore... just gross, and it hung around forever. I don't miss it!

What is waa gwaan and bombo claaat?

We don't have much snow, if any, where I am so it's a treat when we have it. If I could stock-pile all the things I needed and could get out with no trouble if I needed something if there were a deep snow, I wouldn't care if it snowed 365 days (366 days in leap years). I LOVE IT!

A question about the TIKKA rifle?

I live in the Yukon...I have too..lol...Yah, I love it...Can't see it for long...getting darker now.. :(...Yukoneze

Where is the cheapest place to stay in Telluride? I would prefer to stay in the town of Telluride?

born in Folton a small town on a farm proned to snow so yeah.

ps. I love the cold too.

Who makes the best ski/snowboard goggles?

Love it! Time to get the snowmobiles out!

Exactly, how do you stack?

Snow is so wonderful especially around the holidays. Cant beat four seasons!That's why I love New England.

Whats your favorite winter olympic sport?

Yes I love it I live in upstate NY the only time I dont like it when it starts to get brown and muddy.

How do you teach little kids how to ski who have never skied before? HELP?

Yes, I love snow. I love snowmobiling, can't wait til its time again! Check out my club. http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/donvall...

Does anyone have any good tips for just learning the camel ( figure skating spin ) ?

snow is the best it rockss i wish it were snowing now

When I was landing my toe loop and my knee started hurting soooo bad! Help!?


Used leather ice skates are scuffed up! what do i do?

Sometimes I dream that I am in "Snow World." I am surrounded by snow and my movement is difficult because of the weight of the snow. I can only breath through a long ice hole that I can only reach to suck air if I don't freak out and panic and move too much at the beginning of the dream. My toes and fingers and my ears all freeze off, but none of that hurts as much as when my nose falls off. I love snow.

What sled is the best?

I hate snow...

Why does Rachael Scdoris get more media attention on the national networks than the Iditarod Champions.?

My favorite thing in the whole wide world

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