Big feet and snowboarding?

I have size 13 feet and I used a 155 Ride board I borrowed from a friend last season. I want to buy my own board now, but everyone says I need a wide board. Using a regular board last year didn't seem to affect my ability to turn or do anything really, but everyone I talk to says I need a wide board. What do you think? Will a wider board affect my ability to do spins and such in the freestyle park?


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A board's waist width should be one of the first things you should look into when buying a board. If you get a board too thin for your boot size it'll create toedrag and you won't be able to use the edges well. Your boots should stick out a tad, ideally.

Get a board with a waist width of around 26 (I think), no less than 25.7 though. Getting a wide board sacrifices edge to edge transition speeds but it'll help you stomp your landings better.

Or you can get boots with a small footprint like DC Park or Salomon F22 that can cut down your boot size by 1 or more.

There's plenty of wide boards though, like...
Atomic Alibi Wide
Atomic Triarc
Ride Dose
Rome Flag
.. Never summer and other companies make nice wide boards too. You get the idea get searching. =]

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a wider board will not affect your rotation. The reason you should get a wide board is so that your toes don't hit when doing sharp turns. I have a size 10 boot and with a regular board there are times when I have hit my toes doing turns, essentially tripping me and sending me spinning on my stomach down the mountain. Most companies now a days sell a wider board so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that works for you.

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Yeah the other guy was right
the only reason you would need a wider board is so that your toes dont drag.
Burton makes several wide boards to slove thath very problem.

Hope I was help

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A wider board will be much much better.It will not affect ur ability whatsoever.A wider board is better because when u down sharp turns toes inside the boots wont hit the snow...and if u do that u will likely fall or flipover.I wider board is also good for stoping too.

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