Beginner Snowboarder?

Some day,(I dont know when) I would like to go snowboarding. What will I need to take (clothes and anything else)? And where can I get lessons? I would like to go to Denver, Colorado. I just want to be prepared if I ever do get to go.


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You are going to want lots of layers, remember if you get too hot you can just peel a few off. Most resorts offer lessons with certified instructors. You'll need to rent a board and some boots, I recommend strap in bindings, not click in bindings because sometimes those come off. Denver is a good place but Boulder and Telluride are better. Denver is a little overrated, sorry to the people that live there and love it! If you don't want to take lessons from the resort, you can find places around the resort you want that offer lessons as well. I can't stress the clothes thing enough. Layers and layers. And wear waterproof pants with comfortable pants underneath. I wear jeans and people think I'm crazy, but it's easiest for me. You'll want a hat because your ears will freeze and warm gloves because your hands will freeze. You'll be falling a lot so make sure that you are sealed up in your clothes and no snow can get in because that is the least comfortable thing in the world. I love snowboarding so I hope you like it too!

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Obviously if you are going somewhere snowy, you want to bring warm clothes. Warm hat, gloves, socks. Any place you go you can look up the lesson plan and how much it is. Just take it real slow the first time around and make sure you do it the right way. You could really wind up injuring yourself. Good luck!

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waterproof clothes. like snowboarding pants and jacket. goggles. a helmet- especially if you're a begginer. money to rent a board bindings and boots.the music is ok. i dont like the electronic type part and they could use a different singer but its pretty good

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you should learn to skateboard first it will make your lift ticket worth the money

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