Any tips for my first time snowboarding?

Question:I am very stoked to be going to MT/WY/ID this Jan. as I am a Floridian who has never even seen snow!
My hubby is from up there and knows how to snowboard but I don't, so I am taking a lesson @ Big Sky when we get there..

Anyways, ya'll were so helpful re: my other question, I thought I'd see if anyone has any tips for me ?


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Lessons are of course good. Things to remember are keepyour head up and look where you're going. If you look down you will fall. Keep your legs slightly bent and your arms pretty much straight at your sides. Many people keep there arms out for style but that actually can be undtable. When I teach I put a piece of snowball between the kids hands and legs. If they keep their arms straight at their sides then the snowball stays. They find that the have better turns that way.
When turning think of your foot as the gas pedal. Assuming your regular footed (i.e. your right foot goes forward when pushed from behind) then you'll push your left toes down to initiate a toeside (right) turn. Then lift up on your left foot toes when making a heelside (left) turn.

that's a bunch of info, maybe to much to think about if you're not on the snow, but it'ssome of the basics we teach.

But most important know you're gonna fall. Maybe get some but pads for that. They sell those online. But when you fall DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN. Bring your hands up towards your chest, elbows down, and fal on your forearm. And of course have fun

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Buy insurance!!

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do some wall sits (sitting against a wall without a chair). Just get your legs real strong. Thats what killed me my first and only time. Also, practice sliding around at the base of the mountain so you dont fall at the top of the chairlift. Thats what I did and these little kids were laughing at me.

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If you are near the beach or a lake, try Skimboarding to practice! Similar feel.

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lessons lessons lessons, also get a wobble board, its a round thing that sits on the floor ,and you balance on it, it really helps your leg strength and balance.. Never try snowboarding without a helmet, and wrist guards. .and put a pillow in your pants ! lol enjoy i am addicted to it and just can't wait till the snow falls...

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stay balanced, don't shift your weight unless you are turning, if you do fall think of how you want to land, but if you balance that won't happen. Good Luck!

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The people at Big Sky will take care of you and teach you well.
we live in this area and we have had our children on skis and snowboards from the time they were able to walk in their boots. Just don't get discourages and give up listen to your instructors they will correct your mistakes and help you have fun at a life long sport. Have fun Think Snow....

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Well tips for when your snowboarding.always keep an edge when starting out. By that i mean to always have one side of your board cutting into the snow...don't flat board the snow cuz you will pick up speed like crazy and will just end up having to fall to stop. Also, take it slow...the first time will be rough and you will be sore the next day but after a couple times, you will be having the time of your life...its so much fun.

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Kenny Friedman is right on.

Be sure to take lessons from a professional instuctor and not your husband. He may be a great rider but it's been my experience that taking lessons from a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfri... is the worst way to do it. People tend to listen to the pros better than their significant other.

Also, try and follow the advice Kenny gave about not putting your hands down in a fall. A broken wrist is by far and away the most common injury in snowboarding. I suggest picking up a pair of good fitting, low-profile wrist guards that will fit under your gloves as a little added protection.

Have fun

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Look into special programs offered by the ski/snowboard school that are geared to women. If you go out for 3-4 days with the same instructor and the same group, have lunch together and offer each other support it is very nurturing and enjoyable. My wife does this every time we go away skiing so we each get to enjoy ourselves.

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