Anyone ever been skiing in Andorra?

Me and my boyfriend are thinking about booking a skiing holiday to Arinsal in Andorra for Xmas and New year. Has anyone ever been there?? What's it like?


Can anybody tell me what is a stale fish? Is it because the board is pushed down on the rear end?

Dear KlaireG,

Andorra is one magical place, Arinsal, Andorra La Vella, just go there, I have really happy memories of my trips there, those mind boggling really steep ski slopes are the business ! The road out of Arinsal to Pepinguion in France is amazing, ski slopes all the way! go for it. Enjoy yourself

Do you find you are good at boarding or blading but not both?

Andorra - has for me - been one of the best plaaces i have been - frequent snow - cheap beer etc.

The only down side is the long transfer from the airport (4 hours...)

How do u remove a paint stain from a white shirt?

My first ever week skiing was in Soldeu, Andorra. The tree line is very high, but I didn't get to ski much of the resort being a beginner. If you are staying in Soldeu, visit the Pussycat. The drinks are cheap.

Weekend ski trips?

im going to Soldeu this xmas! cant wait! see you on the slopes if you are too :)

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