Am i the only one who tore his achilles snowboarding?

I was going down the side of a slope or facing the hill going down sideways. I was leaning into my position so my knees were far out further than my ankles. I heard a pop and my leg had a terrible pain. I had been hit by a skier passing by who was using his poles to get going faster and a pole hit my my achilles and there was so much tension in my achilles the doctor said it snapped when the point on the pole jabbed it. Is this very common or have you heard of it happening?


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I'd say your injury is actually very uncommon. Snowboarding has a much lower occurance of lower body injuries than skiing does. You see a lot more wrist, arm and shoulder injuries in snowboarding than ankle, leg and knee injuries.

It seems to me that your injury was caused by the unfortunate actions of an irresponsible skier. In the twenty years I've been riding I've only ever heard about one other achilles injury and that was to a pro snowboarder, Mike Michealchuck. I believe he injured his while going HUGE in the pipe.

Injuries happen, I hope this doesn't discourage you from trying it again. Be sure to follow your doctors orders and, if you can, get on a good physical therapy schedule and you'll be back good as new.

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Sounds terrible, never done it.

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now thatz gonna hurt.

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Paul G, this is the 2 nd time im seeing ur posts.. u must be a board fan.. SO AM I!

@saint.. i feel ya man.. when i boarding without a helmet.. i had a skier whack me with his pole, and i heavily crashed on a icey patch.. had a concussion and laid flat down for about 20 mins.. bleeding from ma head..

this discouraged me hardcore.. and after 2 years.. im back at it.. i nvr ripped no achilles.. HOPE U GET BETTER@@

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No, you are not the only one. Although I have never been snowboarding in my entire life, my advice to you is to be extremely careful so you don't want to tear your Achilles or suffer any other injuries while you are on a snowboarding adventure. If you need to brush up on your snowboarding, buy some computer snowboarding games so that they can help snowboard better.

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