A lovely lady just asked me & a mate if she could go sking with us tonight.?



Is curling a real sport?

You should go.
Later you and yer mate could take her to tower bridge...
Then on for dinner may I suggest a meat course, an open fire maybe even a bit of spit roasting...

A Question From the Usual Answerer?

um.isn't this a sexual question?

I need info about Ride Orion SI Boots/Bindings. Are they decent?

Hope you said NO

Where is the longest Ski/Snowboarding run in Scotland?

just take her home and have sex with her. don't worry . seariously.

tell her to come to your home or where ever, and u will show her snow ,
use ice instead of snow on her body

Snowbladers (Skiboarders) ..?

Perhaps you could find something just as slippery to do?

New snowboard?

She asked me last night in the VD clinic, I declined, being her dr.

Do you think basketball is the most athletic sport. If not what is (give web sites that back up your thesis)?

Uphill ?

Where has Tara Dakides been the last few years?

Just take her out on the piste

Could you please read this?

Is "SKING" a new sport? Just curious!

Whats the secret in landing a 360 on a snowboard?<im regular>?

It may be a sexual question.

Pairs technical skating: Is the male skater allowed to toss the female partner as high as he wants to?

get her number and wait till it snows or when skiing season starts

How can I get cheap or discount lift tickets for Heavenly?

There are some indoor skiing arenas in Birmingham and Glasgow with artificial snow. Also there are many dry slopes all around the country.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the ski season will be at it peak in NZ, Australia, and other southern hemisphere areas.

It is possible to ski without snow, but sking only requires questions!

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