Are there 12/13 year old boys in Nottingham who is interested in pair Skating with Me I am a 12 yr girl?

I have just recently passed my UK star and now under level one I am 5 ft 1


Who's going to the world curling in grande prairie?

Dont think this is the right place to be asking questions like that sweetie,suggest you post something at the rink itself so you can see them in person, and get somebody to vouch for them, good luck with it.

Who were these figure skaters?

This is the wrong place for asking hun.

Why not ask your school mates.

See you at the rink.

A TEACHER - we're watching you!


How do i get sponsored for snowboarding?

If you go to (United States Figure Skating Assoc.), there is a spot where you can post your classified. It is watched carefully. You can check into your own national governing body to see if they do that as well.

This is probably not the site that you would post a pairs search at. There are a lot of creeps out there!

What really a pac boot means?

How can you be a 21 year old male 6 months ago and a 12 year old girl now??

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