Are there any good exercises to help with a figure skating move?

I am quite a professional skater, I stretch everyday for ages and usually 2/3 times a day. Thanks to the exercise I do at home I can almost do the splits and am quite flexible...But there's one thing which I'd love to do but I don't know the exercises to help do's when the skater takes their leg up behind them with one hand, leans back, catches the foot and slowly lifts the leg up with both hands. I would love any advice for ANY exercises that help develop extreme flexibility. I have asked my coach but her answer didn't please me and I constantly search for more...Thankyou xx


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My daughter figure skates, and she takes private off ice lessons. Her coach stretches her for her spiral and pulls her leg really high until it starts to hurt. Then she holds it for a count of 10. After that she has my daughter grab her foot for the Chinese Spiral (which I think is what you're talking about). It seems to help a lot. Someone else said ballet would help, and I would conquer with that. Ballet helps with flexibility. Plus the arabesque you learn in ballet really helps with the movements you need for your spiral.

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try ballet or yoga, the latter is very good for stretching and so forth

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Sit on the floor with one leg straight and one leg bent. Stretch out to the straight leg, pull the foot back slightly, and press your head to the floor. Repeat several times with both legs. I would guess you know this exercise, I do it every day, but I still can't do the splits (dangerous to try, for me).

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Uh well if your as flexible as you say you are then you should just try to do it thats how i learned it, i just took my foot and pulled it, but just try doing a catch sprial and then bing your other leg back and catch your foot and pull you should try doing stretches your you back like boing back bridges and really all you can do is practice it and its easier if you have a skate on the your gonna pull up because then you can just grab your leg and pull and oh yea its called a bielman

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This move is actually a lot easier on skates than in bare feet. The blade really helps with the "catch foot" part. Have you tried this at the boards yet?

And movement on the ice actually makes this easier, because of the balance.

To do this type of move, you not only need flexibility in your legs, but also in your back. Do you do back stretches in your normal routine?

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Cycling will help

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