Any opinions on the Burton Vapor?

How much lighter is it? Riding a Canyon now(called a Baron now) Can anyone give a comparison on ride/feel/weight?


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The baron is the custom wide board and is a TON heaver. Comparing the Vapor is not a comparison at all. The vapor will be extremely quicker edge to edge and have way more pop in and out of the turn. Depending on the year of your baron the shape is totally different as well. Burton claims the Vapor is the lightest board on the market but in actuality the Palmer Honey III is. So if your looking for just weight check out the Palmer's and save $300. The Canyon is a very stable and very predictable ride where as the Vapor is quick to enter and exit the turn. It is a board that demands your attention. Don't even think about taking the Vapor to the park the Alumifly core will dent to all hell. If your looking for a light weight, super quick all mountain trail board the Vapor will work great but keep in mind there is no sitting back on this board.

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One thing that is completly different from your Canyon to the Vapor is the width of the board. The Canyon was a wide board, which is made for larger boot sizes. The Vapor is going to be narrower than your Canyon. So if you have big feet and don't want to ride super aggressive angles. back off the Vapor!

In addition... DO NOT take the Vapor into the Park. Burton won't warranty this either. It's obvious that the board is not supposed to go into the park (got to see a sample of the core... super stiff vertically. bends so easily horizontally). It's a true carving and cruisng board.

All around a good board... is it worth the money. who knows. I think there are a lot of good boards out there that are made just as great... they just don't have the "Burton" name.

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