Am I a slow learner?

I have been figure skating for 2 years and 1 month. I am in freestyle 1. I go to group lessons that are 30 minutes long once a week and I practice for 45 minutes once a week. For the past year I have been doing a stroking class for 30 minutes once a week. Everyhing is on the sam day. I am working on two foot spin, half-flip, toe-loop, and salchow.


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No you're doing just fine. Remember that this is a sport where everyone goes at their own pace, someone else who may be skating just as long as you may be landing Axels another may be still on waltz jumps. But I'd recommend perhaps going a few more times a week if you want to get really good soon and some off-ice too, you'll definitely see an improvement quickly, just will be pretty sore lol.

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you just like to skate
like ice princess

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No, you are doing great!

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Well, I wouldn't say you are a slow learner. I have been skating for 1 year and 4mts and am in Freestyle 1. Just try your best!

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The time you need to learn different jumps or spins depend of the time you practice and also from person to person. I think you are fine, good luck.

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ok so i know nothing about that kinda skaten because i play hockey but from what you said your are doing your doing great just keep it up

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You're doing great for the kind of training you're getting and the ice time your putting in. True that after 2 years some people will have progressed further than this but they have one to one lessons and spend a lot of practice time on ice. Don't be discouraged keep it up

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No, different people progress at different speeds. I would recommend having classes on different days, just to balance it out. You don't want to tire yourself out. Plus, it's good to focus on one class at a time (as in that day. I'm not saying you should only take one class at a time). You're doing pretty well for only skating 45 minutes a week.

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ur not a slow learner. you have to practice more like everyday. you have to go to classes everyday if the classes are everyday becuz once a week in class will never get you to compete. and that's good your learning jumps. practice each jump like 10 times each. everyday! it will help you get ahead of others. practice for an hour everyday. like if they have public sessions and they have it for an hour or a freestyle sessions and they have it for 3 hours then take it. practice everyday. and here is a quote never forget this

Practice makes Perfect

this has been on my mom's quote for me since i was 7 years old. and that was when i started ice skating again.

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