Alright let me tell you?

last winter my sister fell skiing and streched a ligament in her knee. Now she says she never wants to go skiing again. I think my dad should teach her . What should she do?


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well your beautiful loving sister [ which is me! ] should not try again! now since she loves to cheer she [ i mean i ] am limited to some stuff in cheer ... since i cant bend my left knee all the way! plus i am really really scared because that happened twice except it wasnt as bad for my other knee! yeah it happened on both knees but my right one is fine so im not gonna go skiing ever again in my effing life!!!

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try again everyone falls down on something..maybe she did with a bike when she was little..things happen we have to get back up and try again..

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How long ago did this happen?

Your sister still does not have a full range of motion?

Did she see a doctor when this happened? If not then she needs to see one as it sounds as if something is wrong.

Two years ago my wife tore three of the four ligaments in her knee (ACL, MCL and LCL) while skiing, damaged her miniscus and basically destroyed her knee. We got an MRI as soon as possible, determined exactly what was wrong, got the advice of several doctors and specialists and had surgery to replace her ACL and clean up the miniscus. 3 months later she was running and and 4 months after that she was back on her skis (this only took that long because that was when the season started). It bothers her from time to time, especially in wet weather, and she wears a custom brace when she skis (her surgeon actually told her she didn't need one as he believed her to be as good as new, but it helped her confidence) but if you ask her she says she is 100%.

As a previous poster said, everyone falls down. She shouldn't let that discourage her from doing something that is a lot of fun. And keep in mind that snowboarding is much easier on the knees as you eliminate most of the twisting forces, so that could be an option.

But please, if she still does not have a full range of motion, encourage her to see a doctor. My guess (and I'm no doctor) is that she damaged her miniscus (the pad between the Femur and the Tibia) which is inhibiting movement. This is a fairly common injury that is easy to correct. Even if she never skis again, your knees are something you need to take care of, especially if she wants to participate in anything athletic, like Cheer Leading.

Good Luck

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its up here ok she dosent hurt agin

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My mom tore her ACL two years ago and had surgery on it. She is now a little scared and a little slower but we are coaxing her to try what she used to handle easily. Your sister should definately start skiing again, but have someone besides your dad teach her. My father is a ski instructor, and it honestly helps to have someone besides your parent teach you how to ski, unless you are very young (and I'm talking, like, 2-10 year-olds). Surgeons don't perform surgery on their family members for the same reason, it just helps to have someone different. Buy her a lesson or get someone you know to help her along.

Or sign her up for a race team! The best way to learn how to ski is to race, you learn to turn on demand and it is an absolute blast. There are recreational race courses set up at almost every mountain called Nastar, which is a national race league than anyone can do. You just need like, ten dollars to sign up and then once you are signed up you can race at most resorts in the USA for about three dollars a run. They award pins (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum; I'm usually platinum/gold) depending on your handicap. It is rather complicated but it is rewarding for the first-timers to earn a pin. It helps you learn and I really reccomend it. If you turn out pretty good, you might be invited to the Nationals, where you fly out to Steamboat, Colorado and race with the best. It's a blast.

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