Am i too old for figure skating?

i just started ice skating in january and i want to do competive figure skating when i'm more experinced and maybe go to the olympice but i'm 13. i want to skate earlier but i was afraid to ask my parents. is it too old? and any advice on figure skating?


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no way. ur thirteen. im fourteen and ive got dreams of hitting the olympics too. dont let anyone bring u down...itll just become an obstacle in ur way.

1st. let ur parents know. maybe they can help...drop u off to the rink, pay the bills, find a coach, etc. if they dont wanna help...dont panic. u might have to put in some extra hard work. but itll make u feel even better once u hit the podium

2nd. find a rink and a coach. finding the coach is extremly important because they are going to be ur mentor, teacher, and parent. so take a while finding one.

3rd. practice practice practice. nothing comes without hard work. i dont have a rink nearby so i have to imgaine everything i do. idance everywhere, and i try to floor all my jumps. sounds phony but cuz its the only thing i can do, all i can do is thinking about reaching my dream. and this is the only way ican so far. workout in the gym, and do situps and pushups everynight.

4th. dont lose ur inspiration. sometimes i think "what do i have going for me" I have no rink, in the middle of the desert, im going off to boarding school, and my parents arent fans of the sport. but then i realize how fortunate i am, and to keep me bouncing again i watch 1998 Olympic Tara Lipinskis performance from the long. its just...beautiful. and its a perfect example of why u are using ur efforts.

dont give up. use ur oppurtunity while u can. hopefully ill be meeting u in the olympics.

anywys good luck with ur endevour. u can email me at and id be happy to help u out.

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not too old! You can get really good with enough practice no matter when you start. Good luck, keep at it!

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If you really want to olympice you have to put alot of work at

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that's definitely not too old. work hard and live your dream!

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many of the girls start younger but thats not to say you cant do it if you work hard at it among anything your gonna fall and its gonna hurt just dont get discouraged by it

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I certainly don't think you're too old. You will have to do a LOT of practicing to get good enough to make it to the olympics though. Just believe in yourself and go for it!! I wish you the best of luck.

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NO, you're never too old for skating. however, I am going to be brutally honest. Most kids can't make it if they start at 13, unless they're really talented, already experienced in flexibility grace and etc... from dance and ballet and etc..., work very hard, and, well, you get the picture. However, Johnny Weir started when he was about 13 (I am pretty sure 13, but if it isn't, it should be somewhere around there) and he is doing extremely well. However, he was already experience ballet, so that helps a lot, and he's very talented.

Good luck!

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I started when I was 11 and sometimes I think I started too old too and then I just think of how much I have accomplished since I began. Also don't compare yourself to others who started younger it won't help you at all.


You can do some competitive figure skating at the lower levels, but you probably won't go to the Olympics starting at age 13, but you can still can peruse figure skating. I think you should go ahead and skate, but just don't have your hopes too high or anything because you probably won't be going to the Olympics, nationals or any other huge competition. You can still do local and some other competitions in which you can compete and still have fun. Have fun skating!

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just remember; your never too old for any thing.

if you believe that you can do something you will do it.
if you put the hours into it and really try and dont let anything get in your way then you should be able to go where your dreams take to you-lol what someone told me.

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No way are you too old!! If you are talented enough time doesn't matter!! American figure skater Johnny Weir started aged 12 so there's proof you're never too old to develop your talents!

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Of course, its not too old.
And my advice- it will seem hard at the beginning but dont give up!!

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