Am I a slow learner?

Question:Am I a slow learner in ice skating?

I have been skating for a year and two months

Level: Freestyle 4

Things that I am working on:
Sit spin
Loop Jump
Camel Spin


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No, learning something new takes time.

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that is incredibly quick!!
i'll have been skating for two years in may and i'm working on
toe loop
scratch spin

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Nope! you're very fast. It took me two years to learn that stuff! Good job :)

Can someone reccomend a European ski resort? Preferably not in France?

lol thats fast you sure you didnt post this question so you could brag to the world how gud you are

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No you are not a slow learner. Everybody progresses at their own pace, and you seem to be progressing at a fairly normal pace.

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You are doing good!

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No i have been skating for eight years four times a week and i am working on those same things with my private coaches. But freestyle hasn't been my main focus, Moves are, so it takes me longer exspecialy if i only work on them once and a while. Take your time they will eventually come to you!

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ummm i would consider you a fast learner. it took me 4 years to get through freestyle 4 and another year to get down the axle.

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No, you are just learning properly like everybody else. If you learned any faster you would proberly pick up bad habits!

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