How deep does snow need to be to snowmobile?


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Ensure that the ground is at least a few feet deep and frozen solid, so that you may run the snowmobile with pleasure. But if it were I, I would prefer to run my snowmobile on designated trails, so that I may freely drive without worry of falling through. Also be aware of the other hazards while operating a snowmobile (crashing, for example). Also check the terrain of the area where you plan to snowmobile.

Snowbaording injury?

You can run 'em on wet grass.

How do you clean up scratch marks on snowboard goggles?

generally, in order to avoid damaging the ground you drive over, 2 feet. Some areas will restrict use until it's deep enough (check local regs). For the good of your machine (to avoid damaging it) absolute *minimum* around 12 inches, preferably more.

I have 4-sale, four snowmobiles in perfect condition in oregon, any takers?

You need a good cover, at least 6-12". But what is more important is that the ground is frozen underneath. If you run on unfrozen, and also now wet ground you will have problems.

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Depends on how you want to treat your snowmobile. If you dont care about it getting thrashed up then 6-12 inches will do. Otherwise, i wouldnt snowmobile on less than 1.5 feet unless i have to. Anything less than that it is dangerous to go off trail, off jumps, and stuff like that (stupid stumps).

Where can I rent snowboarding equipment?

We prefer a three foot base up here in the North, but two works with a frozen base as previously stated. As for me, my sled cost a few bucks, and running it early just because, just isn't worth it.

What size ski do I need?

It depends on the quality of the snow. denser or more packed snow (like trails), then 12 inches is good for general riding. Fluffy snow, you will need a lot more as the machine will sink down and the track will throw more of it.

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as long as the air temp is cool enough and there is enough snow to keep the slides lubricated then you should be fine i would say the best is if there is a foot or so but you can ride with less than that i would say no less than 6 inches unless you are riding a 120 cc sled

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