Best time to go to Park City Utah with 4 guys in mid 20's?

Question:Nighlife = Great
Mountain crowds = No Lines


What's worth, snowboarding or skiing?

I hit park city last season with my wife. 31. Night life is great. No real dance club type stuff for the singles that is saw. Very busy. Line moved fast. Lots of people and lots of lift capacity. We went just before new years. Sundance would be the time to go for nitelife. Fresh power went faster than any other place I have been to. Whistler is the spot. Massive size and Capactiy make the amount of people ok. Best nightlife period. Check out silver king lodge on hotwire I got a great deal at a on-mountain site.

Pond vs. rink ice skating?

Are you skiing or taking in the summer weather?

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Im 16 years old and i went out to park city on febuary break with 1 of my friends to visit my uncle and it was the most exciting and best times i have ever had in my life and i now want to move out there to go to collage. anyway in febuary the snow wasent the best it could be so i would prob go during early to mid january when the power is up to your waste. If your a snowboarder then i would definetly consider going to brighton along with park city. and cannoyns for the back country. Good Luck P.S be sure not to get 2 tired from snowboarding to check out main street every night

Lecht this weekend?

my uncle lives out in park city and i go out every year if you really want the best expierence out there and your planning on going back country with lots of powder then i would go at the beginning of January because the there is just so much powder in the backcountry its so nasty

How do you stop on a snowboard?

last year, I went with my dad and sister in late january. We started skiing right when they opened on a friday. The place really starts filling up at about 3, when all the kids get off of school. I bottom of the mountain is crowded, but has no lift lines, since there is a high speed 6 person lift. The top of the mountain is empty. When we were there, a snowstorm came in, and there was about an 8 ft visibility. No joke. It is really a great place.

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December or January are good times to go

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